Travel Training Program

RideWise Travel Training

RideWise of Ride Connection is available in Wilsonville that provides travel training for older adults and people with disabilities at no cost.

Participants in the RideWise program receive access to information, public transportation training, and support centered on the safe and independent use of public transportation.

  • One-on-one travel training: Personalized, hands-on experience using our regional transit system
  • Group transit trips: Group trips are designed to help people feel comfortable with the transit system in a social, relaxed environment
  • Public transit info: Information is sometimes all it takes to get someone traveling independently on transit. RideWise Travel Trainers are at the ready to provide support and knowledge over the phone
  • Support for educators: We provide technical assistance and support, which may include fare for staff, for those providing transit training in the classroom.
Read about the full program here