1. Which routes charge a fare and which are free? 

All SMART buses are free to ride within the City of Wilsonville. All out of town routes (1X, 2X, 3, 8X, 9X) cost a fare. 

2. Why are routes in Wilsonville free? 
The local businesses in Wilsonville pay for the majority of SMART’s service through the payroll tax. Keeping the system fareless within Wilsonville allows residents and workers to move around freely while in the city. 

3. Is there a monthly pass available for routes with fares? 
Yes. The 1X monthly pass is $85. Based on a 21 day month, this is a significant savings from the cash fare of $3.00 each way. Even if a person were to take a two week vacation during the month, the monthly pass would still represent a savings over paying cash fares. The 2X, 3 monthly pass is $35.  Or you can purchase an “All Pass” for $120.00 that is valid on the 1X, 2X and the 3 routes. 

4. I do not live or work in Wilsonville but use SMART to go between Salem and Canby/Tualatin/Portland. Which pass do I use? You can purchase an “All Pass” for $120.00 that is valid on all SMART routes. 

5. I only ride Route 2X around Wilsonville. Do I have to pay a fare? 
No. Only if you intend to ride beyond Wilsonville will you be required to pay a fare. 

6. Will the 2X pass be accepted by TriMet? Will SMART accept TriMet’s pass? 
Passes and tickets are not transferable between TriMet and SMART as they are two separate agencies with separate budgets. 

7. Is there a discount for seniors/disabled/youths/students/medicare card holders? 
Yes. There is a 1/2 price discount in both cash and pass fares for the route 1X,  2X and 3.
View a chart showing the fare structure for all categories. 

8. Where can I purchase a pass? 
At the Salem Transit Center (1X only), at Wilsonville City Hall, or on the Tickets & Passes page. 

9. When do I pay on the bus? 
When you board the front of the bus, you either drop the exact amount of cash in the fare box or show the driver your pass. Bus drivers do not carry change. You should always board a bus at the front and exit in the rear (if there is a rear door).