Tonquin Trail

Linking the Communities of Wilsonville, Sherwood & Tualatin
The future Tonquin Trail will offer bicyclists and pedestrians safe, new connections between Wilsonville, Sherwood and Tualatin. The multi-use regional trail will connect natural areas, neighborhoods, schools, jobs, shopping centers, and transit stops between all three communities.

Metro, in partnership with the cities of Wilsonville, Sherwood and Tualatin, and Clackamas and Washington counties, is leading the development of the Tonquin Trail master plan.

Building the Trail
The trail will be built in phases. Funding to purchase the trail corridor was approved by voters in Metro's 2006 natural areas bond measure. Portions of the trail have already been constructed and are being used today. These areas include a 1.5 mile section through Metro's Graham Oaks Nature Park and in the Villebois community in Wilsonville; in Stella Olsen Park in Sherwood and in the Tualatin Community Park in Tualatin. As funding becomes available, other trail segments will be built.

Find out more about the Tonquin Trail, download documents, and get involved in the Tonquin Trail Master Plan process through Metro's website.
Tonquin Trail Recommended Route