French Prairie Bridge

The French Prairie Bridge is a proposed bridge that, upon completion, will provide the missing link to restore a seamless, non-highway connection between Portland and Eugene. The bridge will link the metro regional Ice Age Tonquin Trail with the Champoeg Trail, and to the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway.

Keeping Cyclists Safe
The proposed location of the French Prairie Bridge is at the site of Boones Ferry, which operated from 1847 to 1954. The bridge will permit safe passage across the Willamette River for both bicyclists and pedestrians, who otherwise risk personal safety if they try to cross over the heavily trafficked I-5 Boone Bridge.

Emergency Access
Additionally, The French Prairie Bridge would serve as a rapid-incident, emergency response system, allowing authorized vehicles access to an incident on the freeway. The bridge will give ODOT and other responsible authorities the ability to clean-up faster; and police, fire, and other emergency vehicles will have better access to incidents. Find out more by downloading the flyer.

Below:  Conceptual image of the proposed French Prairie Bridge over the Willamette River.
Conceptual image of the proposed French Prairie Bridge over the Willamette River