Rider entering bus
Wilsonville's transportation system has been shaped by the vision of many city and business leaders over the last twenty years. The development of SMART (South Metro Area Regional Transit) in 1989, and the start of WES (Westside Express Service) commuter rail service in 2009 are two examples of this vision becoming a reality. The SMART History Video provides a brief overview of the history and benefits of these transportation choices and the SMART Timeline provides additional information on how SMART got started.

Since its early years, SMART has evolved into a full service, dependable transportation system offering a convenient and easy way to travel within Wilsonville and outlying areas, including Canby, Salem, and the south end of Portland. This has been especially important to Wilsonville since the city’s 18,000 employees come primarily from outside the area, with over 91% commuting in to their jobs.

SMART ofrece una variedad de servicios para satisfacer las necesidades de transporte de los ciudadanos y empleados de Wilsonville, con conexiones a Portland, Salem, Canby.


Operated by the City of Wilsonville, SMART maintains a fleet of over 35 vehicles ranging from 40 foot buses to minivans and a trolley-bus. SMART also operates Dial-a-Ride, which provides door-to-door service within Wilsonville and medical transport services to Portland and other nearby cities for the elderly and disabled. SMART services are free within Wilsonville, but intercity services charge a fee. Funding for SMART is provided primarily by local businesses and grants.

In addition to bus routes and Dial-a-Ride, SMART manages the SMART Options Program which promotes alternatives to driving alone, such as riding transit, walking, bicycling and ridesharing. SMART also provides buses for special events and pre-scheduled senior lunches, shopping, and other trips.

In February 2009, TriMet’s Westside Express Service (WES) Commuter Rail, a self-propelled diesel rail line servicing 5 stations from Beaverton to Wilsonville, began operation. In Beaverton, the Commuter Rail connects with TriMet buses and MAX lines serving Beaverton, Hillsboro, downtown Portland, and the Portland International Airport. In Wilsonville, SMART buses take WES commuters to businesses and neighborhoods throughout the city and provide service or direct transfers to Salem and Canby.

People of all ages are using SMART for traveling to work, daily trips to the grocery store, appointments, and attending recreational activities. By providing dependable transportation and helping to alleviate congestion on our roadways, SMART is rapidly becoming the right choice for a growing number of commuters and plays a vital role in providing transportation for those who, either by choice or necessity, do not drive. For a recent survey of people who are finding a smarter way to commute, visit the SMART Riders page.

Vision & Mission

SMART's mission is to provide convenient, safe, and reliable transportation services in a fiscally responsible manner to meet the needs of Wilsonville residents, employees, and visitors of all ages, ethnicities, and income levels.

La misión de SMART es proveer servicios de transporte convenientes, seguros y confiables de una manera fiscalmente responsable para satisfacer las necesidades de los residentes, empleados y visitantes de Wilsonville de todas las edades, etnias y niveles de ingresos. 

SMART is dedicated to providing mobility for those who do not drive and to creating a viable, attractive transportation option for those who do.

The City of Wilsonville recently updated three significant master plans:
The vision of the Master Plans is for Wilsonville residents to be able to easily and safely access a variety of parks and natural areas from neighborhoods. Residents should be able to walk or bicycle to parks, schools, commercial areas, employment centers, and transit stops where they can take transit to other Wilsonville destinations and neighboring communities.