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Schedule a Ride

  1. Dial-a-Ride customers 60+ may reserve trips up to 2 days in advance. Dial-a-Ride Out of Town customers may reserve a trip u to 2 weeks in advance. ADA customers should reserve their trip at least the day before their needed ride and up to 24 hours a head of time. Due to high demand, it is recommended that you schedule your trip earlier to ensure you can be accommodated. ADA customers have priority in scheduling.Trips for ADA eligible riders may be scheduled within a two hour window of the desired trip time.

  2. Please enter this time in 30 minute increments.

  3. Please remember Dial-a-Ride is a door-to-door service. Drivers are not allowed to enter the customer's home. Dial-a-Ride drivers can only wait five minutes for a customer. If a customer is unable to navigate to and from the bus, a personal care attendant may need to accompany them. Personal care attendants may ride for free while accompanying the customer with a disability. Please let the SMART customer service representative know if a personal care attendant or other escort will be traveling with you.


    All requests for rides made on weekends will be reviewed on the following Monday.

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