How Do I...

  1. Apply For

    Apply for various services and programs.

    1. A Job

      Get a job working for SMART.

    2. Dial-a-Ride

      Reserve your ride with Dial-a-Ride.

    3. Walk SMART

      Get information on the Walk SMART program.

  2. Find

    Find information on fares, download documents, or items you misplaced while utilizing SMART Transit.

    1. Bus Fares

      Check out the latest bus fares listings.

    2. Bus Rules

      Look up rules for riding the bus.

    3. Documents

      Browse the listing of documents to find what you're looking for.

    4. Lost Items

      Locate your items you may have misplaced while using SMART.

  3. Pay For

    Purchase passes for the bus or pay your transit tax.

    1. Bus Passes

      Buy bus passes and avoid having to pay for each ride individually.

    2. Transit Tax

  4. Research

    Research benefits of walking, how public transportation can lower your carbon footprint, or research current bus routes.

    1. Benefits of Walking

      Educate yourself on the benefits of walking.

    2. Fuel / Carbon Savings

      Use online calculators to see how you've impacted the environment in a positive way.

    3. My Bus Route

      Map out bus routes before embarking on your journey.

  5. Sign up For

    Register for news and weather alerts, or other various services.

    1. Rider Alerts

      Rider Alerts

    2. Bike SMART

    3. Bike/Ped News

    4. Holiday Schedule

    5. SMART Calendar

    6. SMART News

    7. Transit Integration Project

    8. Trolley Schedule

    9. Group Walks & Rides

    10. Walk SMART

  6. Utilize

    Get details on using the many services offered by SMART.

    1. Bike Lockers

      Use bike lockers to keep your things safe while biking.

    2. Buses

      Find bus routes to make your commuting plans.

    3. Commuter Programs

      Browse currently available commuter programs to find what works best for your life.

    4. Dial-a-Ride

      Use Dial-a-Ride to travel on an as-needed basis.