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2018 TMP Amendment: Programs Enhancement Strategy

With the passage of House Bill 2017, SMART and other public transit providers across Oregon will receive additional funding each year to improve public transportation services through a variety of projects.

More specifically, SMART is anticipating $500,000 in additional revenue for FY 2019 and roughly one million in each of the following years. In addition, there are available competitive funds that SMART will be eligible to apply for.

The TMP amendment will focus specifically on projects to be funded with new state funding. Potential projects include additional weekend service, no fares on inter-city routes, and service to Woodburn.

From June 1-30, SMART is looking for public input on the proposed project list. From that feedback, SMART will develop the draft amendment for City Council review in September and October of 2018.

2018 Timeline

Public Comment June 1 - 30

An opportunity for the community to take a short online survey to give input on future SMART services. This feedback will be used to develop the TMP amendment for Council review.

Planning Commission June 13, 6:00 PM at City Hall

SMART staff will present at a work session to explain the new funding source and share preliminary public comment results.

Contact Nicole Henrix for questions/comments

Transit Master Plan 2017

  On June 19, 2017 Wilsonville City Council approved and adopted the TMP. Thank you to all that provided input and were involved with the development of the plan. The Transit Master Plan (TMP) provides a broad look ahead to the type of transit system and supportive transportation options required to meet Wilsonville’s mobility needs. This is accomplished by providing proposals for improved transit service as well as strategies to reduce single-occupancy vehicles. With its combined transit and transportation options approaches, the TMP will guide future decision-making for SMART for the next five to seven years.

Transit Master Plan Documents