Dial-a-Ride is a SMART service providing door-to-door transportation for Wilsonville residents who are unable to use the fixed route service. Priority is given to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) eligible customers.  If required, a Personal Care Attendant may ride along with an ADA eligible passenger.  There is no fare charged for the attendant, with an approved ADA application. Please find the appropriate application for which program you qualify for.

If you need assistance choosing the appropriate program for your needs, please contact SMART.

Scheduling a Ride

ADA Dial-a-Ride customers may schedule trips up to two weeks in advance. ADA customers should schedule their ride at least the day before their needed ride. Non ADA customers can schedule their ride up to 2 days prior to the needed ride.

Due to high demand, it is recommended that you schedule your trip as early as your eligibility allows, to ensure you can be accommodated.  ADA customers have priority in scheduling.

With approved application, there are two easy and convenient ways to schedule your trip:


Please note that all SMART buses, not just Dial-a-Ride vehicles, are fully accessible and are able to accommodate all wheelchair and scooters that meet ADA standards of size and weight. Since Dial-a-Ride services are in high demand, individuals are strongly encouraged to use the regular fixed route bus service whenever possible. Eligibility to qualify for ADA level service must be certified by a medical professional. Download the eligibility form to apply.

Dial-a-Ride Rules

Dial-a-Ride Participants
A few simple rules for Dial-a-Ride customers:
  • Customers under 16 must have parents or guardians call for reservations
  • No children under 12 may ride in the front seat of a van
  • Please be considerate of other passengers
  • All other bus etiquette rules apply

No-show Policy

SMART's Dial-a-Ride service is in high demand.  Please read and understand the no-show policy so that we may continue to offer services to those who need it most.  

Keeping SMART Up-to-Date

If you are a Dial-a-Ride customer, please contact SMART if there is a change in the following:
  • Your address or phone number
  • Your emergency contact's name or phone number