Annual Rider Survey


SMART serves people of all ages, ethnic and economic backgrounds, bringing the South Metro Area residents to their desired destinations. In August 2017, SMART began it's first annual Rider Survey. Over four days, SMART surveyed all routes with a total of 449 responses. Five percent of those were completed in Spanish.

29% of SMART riders do not own a vehicle.
34% own one vehicle.

6% are under 18
26% are between 18-29
63% are between age 30-65
5% are over 65

55% identify as male
44% female
1% non-binary

58% Caucasian (white)
17% Latino/Hispanic
10% Asian/Pacific Islander
4% African American
11% Other

Average annual income of our riders is between $30,000 to $49,000.

​Travel Trends

People primarily ride SMART to get to work within Wilsonville, Salem, and Portland.

55% use other public transit systems (TriMet, Canby, Cherriots, etc.)
The top reasons for riding transit were : No access to vehicle, saves money, convenient.

50% of riders take the SMART bus frequently, almost every day.
30% ride regularly, several times a week.